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our personal + professional development offerings can be customized to reflect the needs of the individual, team, organization, conference or gathering.


keynote + moderation

Photo by Jenny Gorman

Photo by Jenny Gorman

customized sessions that deliver laughter, listening, + learning

A cross between a customized keynote + deep, fun moderated group discussion, this is an opportunity for any audience (conference attendees, executives, managers, educators, artists, creatives, students) to learn from each other + experience a cathartic boost of fresh inspiration. A great conference kick-off, wrap-up, or stand-alone session. Benefits:

  • Establishes rapid trust in groups of all sizes.
  • Cross-pollinates fresh, inspiring ideas.
  • Springboards fun, fantastic networking.
  • Creates powerful connections. 
  • Amplifies diverse voices. 
  • Provides a positive, energized 'shot in the arm' for groups + individuals.

creativity @work

Photo by Jenny Gorman

Photo by Jenny Gorman

our most effective work blended into one transformational course for business professionals

Creativity@Work is a series that teaches professionals how to apply acting, communication + creative techniques to their work lives to uplevel their business capabilities. During the course, each individual crafts a well-formed goal, and then we take a fresh, creative approach to achieving those goals.

For experienced business people, emerging professionals, + corporate groups. Benefits:

  • Increased creativity, confidence + professional satisfaction.
  • Improved public speaking content and delivery.
  • Strengthened collaborations; makes good teams great.
  • Development + execution of well formed goals.
  • Enhanced communication skills.
  • Daring risk-taking.
  • Expanded tool kits.

Now. Hear. This. workshop

Photo by Susan Blackwell

Photo by Susan Blackwell

communication with an emphasis on bionic listening

In this fun, focused workshop, you'll learn methods that will vastly improve your listening + conflict resolution skills. Whether you're an executive who wants to lead more effectively, a team member who wants to strengthen collaboration, a professional who wants to provide exceptional customer service, an educator who aspires to connect more deeply with your students, a writer who wants to absorb other's voices, an actor who wants to excel, or a human being who strives to lead a more connected life, this workshop is for you. Benefits:

  • Bolsters kick-ass communication skills.
  • Develops stronger leaders, managers + customer service providers. 
  • Contributes to deeply connected teams.
  • Provides a clear game plan for conflict resolution.
  • Gives you the necessary tools to build rapid trust.
  • Leaves you singing a happy tune (literally).

die vampire, die! workshop

CCM Joy Photo.jpg

creativity, risk taking + team building

Dig this: a creative life is a series of learnable skills that are practiced regularly. But as much as we might yearn to be more creative, sometimes inner (+ outer) voices can get in the way. We call those voices 'vampires', and we want them to shut the hell up so you can get back to making great stuff.

Based on the song ‘Die Vampire, Die!’ (LISTEN) from the Broadway musical [title of show], a vampire is defined as ‘any person, thought or feeling that stands between you + your self expression’. Created by [title of show]'s Susan Blackwell + Hunter Bell, this class teaches participants a creative process, from start to finish. Benefits:

  • Provides a fresh, practical creative process for novices + seasoned creatives.
  • Bolsters confident self-expression + bold risk-taking.
  • Empowers creativity of all kinds.
  • Puts you in the creative driver's seat.
  • Bonds new + established groups.
  • Makes good teams great.
  • Sets the stage for strong collaborations.
  • Helps you to recognize + tame your vampires.

public speaking training 


confident, connected communication + self expression

Are you a business leader, educator, actor, activist, trainer, coach, author, or someone who needs to communicate + speak effectively as part of your work or life? Are you someone who has a story to tell? Or perhaps you’ve struggled with performance anxiety.

We can help you to: 

  • Be more confidently self-expressed in any speaking situation.
  • Develop your authentic voice.
  • Create content that is memorable + influential.
  • Be seen, be heard, + make a difference.

goals! goals! goals! workshop


dreams + deadlines = awesome

Designed to teach participants to craft attainable goals, this workshop will support you in defining + achieving your personal goal, whatever it may be! Individuals get to choose (+ accomplish) their own adventure: a clean garage, a children's book, a new apartment, a new career...


  • A clear, repeatable game plan for defining + accomplishing your goals.
  • The thrill of self-empowerment + personal accomplishment.
  • All the things you + your team will get done!

let me try that again workshop


processing failure

Created with teaching artist Thomas Schultheis, this workshop provides key steps for processing failure, in all aspects of work + life. Using  participants real-life experiences, we explore how to 'fail fast', learn from failure, + find forgiveness. We share how to move onward + upward as a result of—not in spite of—the failure. Benefits:

  • Provides attendees a real, workable response to past, present, + future failures.
  • Helps participants identify past + present pain points, + cultivate positive outcomes .
  • An increased sense of personal resilience + peace.

whomp-chal! workshop

SusanBlackwell TPAP 2014.jpg

acting for the camera + stage

Everything we know about acting preparation, distilled into one sticky, memorable process.


  • Increased ease + comfort in front of the camera or an audience.
  • The confidence + peace of mind that comes from having a complete, consistent approach to performance preparation.

private coaching


laser learning

Private on-line coaching is offered for hard-working individuals or small groups with a specific goal they seek to achieve. Availability is extremely limited. Areas of expertise include: 

  • Public speaking
  • Acting
  • Auditioning
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Communication
  • Creating original work
  • Performance anxiety 
  • Creative flow


  • Rapid progress as a result of focused, customized coaching.
  • External accountability.
  • Access to subject matter expertise.
  • A positive, supportive 'brave space' to dig in, work hard + kick ass.


WSU Teaching Day.jpg

small group coaching for artists

a series of virtual, small-group work sessions for established + emerging artists to continue evolving in a safe, supportive atmosphere. Equal parts group processing, learning, + coaching, GroupWork is an excellent way to keep your artist’s spirit healthy + thriving. It is an affordable alternative—or excellent addition—to private coaching.


  • External accountability from a likeminded, supportive community of peers.
  • Ongoing support for people who want to accomplish great things.
  • Group learning, resourcing, networking + problem-solving.
  • Maintenance of your artistic well-being.

observed coaching


learning by proxy

Whether your audience is corporate, creative or educational, we provide observed coaching on all sorts of performative skills, like public speaking + acting.


  • Gives larger groups a chance to learn by observing one-on-one coaching in real time.
  • Creates an extremely safe space for students to attempt remarkable feats of bravery.


CCM Classroom.jpeg

where your Qs meet our As

Themes of discussion include, but are not limited to:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creating original work
  • Collaboration
  • Performance technique
  • Interview technique
  • A career in the arts
  • Theatre
  • Creative writing
  • Broadway, film + TV acting
  • Performance anxiety
  • Work/life balance
  • Q&A


  • Lets the group dictate what they want to discuss + learn.
  • Lots of laughing + learning.